Worship Service

Worship begins at 10:45 am Sunday morning. 

This church is a place where you will feel like your part of the family. We seek to serve one another and to seek God with OPEN MINDS, OPEN HEARTS, and OPEN DOORS. All are welcome to come to share in praise and community with one another. 

In The United Methodist Tradition we have two sacraments which is also two means of Grace. 

1.) Baptism (We can do Infant or Adult Baptism) we believe that you are only baptized once in your earthly life.You are baptized in into the body of Christ and universal church.  You are also baptized by water and the Spirit. 

2.) Holy Eucharist/Communion- We believe ALL are welcome to receive  in the remembrance and act of the Lord's Supper in the United Methodist Church. This is a chance to remember the the great sacrifice Jesus went through for us to be in closer relationship to God the creator.